Cheryl moderates inspiring and historic panel that unites fathers of autistic children

Cheryl was honored to moderate an panel of father’s who are taking a stand for their children.

This was very personal for Cheryl – because her father didn’t know how to handle her brother – who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. Confused and in deep denial, Cheryl lost her dad in a horrific motorcycle crash in 1980 – he never did bond with his autistic son… who is now an artist and productive adult.

“Autistic Like Me: A Father’s Perspective” is a documentary/advocacy film that examines the difficult emotional journey experienced by fathers of autistic children. Having an autistic child turns a parent’s world upside down. Dreams are broken and lives are changed forever. Men are especially affected because we often do not seek out the support network needed to deal with this type of emotional upheaval.

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